Why Use Synthetic Rattan for Outdoor furniture?

Why Use Synthetic Rattan for Outdoor furniture?

Imagine having the stunning look of rattan furniture waiting for an outdoor dining opportunity on your patio. Unfortunately, natural rattan furniture is susceptible to damage from rain, sun, and general weather damage. Synthetic rattan is the best answer out there for anyone looking for the look of rattan furniture without the indoor only requirement. To get the natural look of a rattan dining set for your outdoor space, you'll need to use outdoor dining sets make from synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan is easily one of the best materials around for providing a truly comfortable and beautiful outdoor dining experience. Synthetic rattan holds up better to difficult weather conditions than either wood or simple plastic, and the smaller weave and enhanced flexibility even helps synthetic rattan have a durability edge when compared furniture made from synthetic wicker alone even when both choices are technically made from the same compound. Rattan furniture provides a comfortable outdoor dining experience that will leave you and your guests wishing it was always appropriate to eat outside. Synthetic rattan has all of the same easy to match natural look of natural rattan, minus the aging and weather damage that natural rattan will quickly start to show. A well chosen synthetic rattan dining set will be able to stay beautiful and usable on your deck or patio for years to come.

Weather Resistant

Synthetic rattan can be used to make an arm chairs, sofas, dining chairs, dining tables, living-room sets and end tables. The material is weather resistant and created to resist splitting, cracking and unraveling. When your outdoor sofa is made from synthetic rattan it can last for years. Your outdoor rattan sofa can be used in any type of atmosphere without concern for heat, humidity, cold, wind, bright sunshine or rain while still maintaining the look and feel of natural rattan. Synthetic not only means more weather resistant, it means less expensive as well.


Variety is another reason to choose synthetic rattan furniture. Synthetic rattan can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The synthetic fibers can be woven into any style and dyed or painted to match any color scheme. Whether you want your outdoor sofa in the bright green of freshly cut bamboo or the warm beiges and browns of seasoned older rattan, synthetic rattan can give you just what you need.

Comfort And Style

Want to bring the look of the outdoors into your home or add unique style and comfort to your patio? Buy a set of outdoor sofa , outdoor dining set in durable, low-maintenance high-fashion man-made rattan furniture. You can pair it with natural fabrics and exotic art to create a Southeast Asia atmosphere or combine it with reds, oranges, browns and golds to add warmth to a screened porch. Many of the pieces can be manufactured to your exact specifications. Your home is your castle. Make it a relaxing place to enjoy and entertain with a synthetic rattan outdoor sofa. Synthetic rattan offers you the beauty and comfort of rattan furniture and the durability and the ability to stand up to all types of weather synthetic fibers provide. Synthetic rattan allows the furniture to be used both indoors and out. No need to rush out and cover up the rattan furniture anytime there is a sun shower.

Types of Rattan Chairs

Rattan furniture has been in production for generations. One of the earliest materials used for making furniture, rattan is lightweight, durable, renewable and inexpensive. Rattan is not wicker. Rattan is a specific, woody vine that can be twisted and shaped into various styles of furniture and, most specifically, chairs. Rattan chairs, available in many styles, can last for 50 years with proper care.

What is Rattan? Rattan is grown in and exported from Indonesia. Rattan is one of the strongest woods used in furniture production. Rattan vines grow in lush rain forests and are harvested in varying sizes. The vines are called poles. Thin poles are used in weaving and include intricate designs. Thicker poles are used for support and strength. Although rattan is somewhat lightweight, it is durable and long-lasting. Poles are treated with water-based paint before production. Rattan can be painted or varnished to achieve various effects.

Rattan Chair Styles Rattan chairs can be constructed to serve any area of the home or office, outdoors or inside. Rattan chairs are made in kitchen, dining, office, lounge, rocking and swivel styles. Stools are common; hanging chairs are making a comeback. Lightweight and durable, hanging chairs are attached to ceilings or beams and hang low enough for easy entry. Hanging chairs are often egg-shaped and create a comfy nook. Colorful and printed cushions add comfort and style to rattan chairs.

Care Tips Rattan furniture should be used in moisture-free areas to avoid mildew and mold growth. Direct sunlight will damage and dry out the rattan, weakening its strength. Place rattan away from harmful sun rays. When using rattan furniture outdoors, cover it with waterproof coverings when not in use. During winter months rattan pieces should be stored inside and covered to prevent dust collection between the rattan canes. To clean rattan vacuum with a soft brush attachment and wipe with a damp cloth. Water will harm rattan and should never be used in excess. Apply furniture polish with a soft cloth to brighten.