General Knowledge of Maintaining Your Oak Furniture

For centuries, oak has been a popular material for constructing furniture thanks to its strength, durability and beauty. Oak is known for its prominent grain which means little spots and dings just blend in. But, oak is porous so it can stain easily, especially if it doesn't have a modern finish like a glossy varnish. It can also become dry and cracked if not properly moisturized. To ma... read more

How to care for your Oak Furniture?

Oak is otherwise known as the Living wood this means that extremes of heat or cold, dryness or damp, are likely to have an effect on your Oak Furniture. About OAK Oak wood is one of the most valued and desired types of wood for fireplace mantes and flooring but there are several types of oak wood and not all ar... read more

Why Use Synthetic Rattan for Outdoor furniture?

Imagine having the stunning look of rattan furniture waiting for an outdoor dining opportunity on your patio. Unfortunately, natural rattan furniture is susceptible to damage from rain, sun, and general weather damage. Synthetic rattan is the best answer out there for anyone looking for the look of rattan furniture without the indoor only requirement. To get the natural look of a rattan... read more

About Oak furniture - How good they are...

These days, people can choose over a variety of furniture options. Furniture prepared from expensive as well as cheap materials is available readily. Similarly, oak furniture is gaining widespread popularity due to its various advantages. The oak wood is durable and long lasting. One can also craft beautiful designs in them. If fact with proper care, you can continue using ... read more

How Our Quality Assurance work?

As Woods Furniture's Quality Assurance, I know that consumers browsing the web could be forgiven for thinking that many similar items of wooden furniture are in fact identical. It is a therefore my responsibility to illustrate the difference between different pieces of furniture. A reputable manufacturer such as ourselves will take the time to point out signs of the quality of the timber ... read more

Why oak is the best for furniture?

If you’re thinking of investing in some new furniture, chances are oak has crossed your mind. And with good reason – oak furniture never goes out of style and has the power to really add something to your home, so we thought we’d take a look at just what makes oak the ideal material for furniture. Here are just a few reasons we’ve come up with: Durability. W... read more